A downloadable game for Windows

Mini Jam 29
Theme - Ninjas
Limitation  - No combat

Use the shadows and your grappling hook to avoid the butlers, while "liberating" precious gems from the mansion.

Made in 3 days. Everything excluding splash screen and font made specifically for the jam.

Note: It's been brought to my attention that due to a limitation on many keyboards (number of certain keys pressed simultaneously), playing with the ARROWS/Z/X setup is not ideal.

Controller or WASD/J/K setup is recommended.


Super Prowler.zip 7 MB


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amazing game as always! got 5 gems but after that I just couldn't figure how i should plan my movements with so many guards 😵 any plans to add in checkpoints for less skilled ninjas like me?

Thanks! You're not the only one to have difficulty with that area. It might look intimidating, but gets easier once you realize you're only actually dealing with one enemy at a time. Regain your grip and move the camera around to observe enemy patterns before advancing.

No plans for checkpoints because it's such a short game. You were nearly there, I hope you try again!


The dude at the third gem and me, we wont become friends in this life.

I loved this game, the atmosphere was just perfect altogether with the cool graphics and the fitting music and sfx.

But the best thing is the super smooth movement. Playing your game feels awesome!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the kind words :)


No problem, this game was awesome, hope it gets far.
Btw you got me lmao ith that intro ^^